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School Improvement Team

SIT Meeting: January 30, 2018

Old Business:
Substitute Teachers, Staff Coverage, Dates to Remember calendar, Holiday Luncheon, SREB

ACCESS Testing
PLC/Data Tracking
AP Capstone

Next Meeting: Feb. 13, 2018


SIT Meeting: December 19, 2017

Old Business: 
College Day , Artwork for the county holiday card. , Data Review, Discipline, ACT, SREB Implementation, AP Capstone, Announcements, Parking Lot, Sign, Program of Studies, Motto, Saturday Academy, Holiday Luncheon, Blankets

New Business:
Substitute Teachers
Staff Coverage
Dates to Remember calendar
Holiday Luncheon

Next Meeting: Jan. 30, 2018


SIT Meeting: November 14, 2017

Old Business: Budget, ACT Sessions, November 2nd PD/Early Release, STAR Employee, Earthquake Drill, SIT Plan, PLC Minutes, Pulling Students Out of Class, Planning Blocks

New Business:
College Day
Artwork for the county holiday card.
Data Review
SREB Implementation
AP Capstone
Parking Lot
Program of Studies
Saturday Academy
Holiday Luncheon

Next Meeting: Dec. 19, 2017



SIT Meeting: October 10, 2017

Old Business:
Graduation Speakers, Distance Learning Technology,
YouTube, Testing. Homecoming, Honor Cords:

New Business:
ACT Sessions: Week of Nov. 6. Juniors will be pulled out of class during this week during 1st and 2nd block.
November 2, PD/Early Release: 1:15-3:15 LDC and MDC training
Program of Studies
STAR Employee
Earthquake Drill
SIT Plan: Staff vote upcoming
PLC Minutes

Next Meeting: November 14, 2017


SIT Meeting: September 12, 2017

Old Business:
Expectations: Hats/Tardy's/Phones, Duties, Prom

New Business:
SIT Plan--In NC Star. We'll continue to update goals as necessary.

Other items discussed included:
Graduation Speakers
Distance Learning Technology
Instructional Expectations
30 Minute Thursday Professional Development
Testing Dates
Homecoming Pep Rally
Honor Cords


August 10, 2017

Old Business:
Review of last year's accountability data. Look at graduation rate--want 90%

Attendance: about 94-95%. Exams brought us down a percentage point. We want to try to make this higher to compensate for exam days.

Drop-out: No official numbers yet--about the same as in the past.

New Business:
SIT: Goals to Work On this school year.
Implement MTSS System--6/15/2018--U. Goldston
Drop-Out/Transfer/Enrollment--6/15/2018--T. Burton
Professional Capacity--Data--6/152018--R. Hunt
Action Steps will be added and discussed

Policies regarding tardies, hats, and cell phones were discussed.

Expectations for prom supervision, subsitute teachers, and graduation were also dicussed.

Next meeting: September 12, 2017