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Transcript for School Records Request Tutorial

The following is a brief tutorial on how to request student records and
transcripts through the new ScribOrder system being used by the
Randolph County School System. Please note
that all students applying to community colleges and four year
universiites in North Carolina need to send transcripts through
the College Foundation of North Carolina website at www.cfnc.
org. Another tutorial on this process will soon be located on
the Student Services page of the SWRHS website. The first step
in using the new ScribOrder system is to go to the Randolph
County Schools website at You must
then scroll mid-way down the page and click on the words "Records
Request & Transcripts" located on the left-hand side of
the page. The next step is to click on the blue "here" link located
on this page of the website. The next page contains information
on how to request records and transcripts depending on
who is requesting and whether the student is a current or previous
student. For current students there is no charge to use this
system, however if you are a former student there will be a fee.

For our training purposes today, we will click on the current
student link on the top left of this page. This will take you to a
screen where demographic information needs to be entered.
Required information is noted in the color red. SS # and driver's
license numbers are requested but if you do not know this
information, you can put all "9s" and the system will still process
your request. At the present time, the system requires that
you enter a delivery address so if you want to pick your transcript/
records up at the school, just add the school's address
and add "pick up at school" in special instructions. After you
complete the needed information the system will ask you to
sign at the bottom. You will then click on the "Update Order."